A Waarschip complements your green convictions.

Waarschip strives to use only environmentally friendly materials. We’re bringing responsible yachtbuilding into a new era.

Waarschip stands for the ENVIRONMENT
The Waarschip concept is a powerful answer to environmental problems which have recently arisen. Designed and built by maritime specialists and craftsmen with the newest ecological technology.

Waarschip is about YOU
In the design and build of our yachts, your well-being on board has the top priority. Your passion for sailing is where we start. Our goal is to provide you with relaxing but also exciting, pleasurable voyages afloat, every time you are aboard with family or friends. Waarschip offers more ease of handling and more sailing pleasure than any other boat in its class. Its striking design and sustainable building methods add an extra dimension which allow you to take extra pleasure in the peace and quiet on the water.

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