Waarschip 40 CR

Waarschip 40 CR

The design of the Waarschip 40 CR is based on a number of principles. In the first place the boat had to be suitable for long sea sailing competitions with sometimes small to very small (solo) crew. The boat must also be suitable for family sailing with minor adjustments. In addition, the ship must be seaworthy and reliable. With these restrictions as a starting point, the boat must be fast, long-lasting, easy to maintain and retain its value. The Waarschip 40 CR is a boat with short overhangs, moderate width, slender waterline and low weight. The maximum speed of this ship is above 15 knots. The normal draft is only 1.80 m. For competitions over large distances with a lot of windbreaks, it is better to choose the deep keel (2.20 m). There is also a shallow keel (1.25 m) that allows a large sailing area. The Waarschip 40 is category CE A tested. Click here for the certificate

Ballast tanks
The 40 CR is equipped with ballast tanks. The fixed keels give the boat normal stability. You therefore do not need to use the ballast tanks, but if you use them, you can get more out of your Waarschip, especially in the wind. Suppose you are sailing on the wind with a small crew. You do not have a crew to put on windward in the gangway, but you fill the windward tanks (approx. 600 L). That has the same effect as 8 men in wind! The tanks are empty for the wind, making the boat lighter and faster. The operation of the tanks is easy. If you do not want to use the tanks as ballast tanks at all, they can serve as storage compartments.

Two coupled rudders possible
The steering is normally carried out with a balance rudder. This sends fine and light. However, especially under difficult circumstances, you can control the Waarschip 40 CR even better with 2 small linked balance rudders, because one of them is always in the almost ideal position (straight down).

You can choose the layout that is best for you fit. We are happy to advise you in determining the perfect layout for you.



LOA 11,95 m
LWL 9,70 m
Beam 3,38 m
Draft 1,25 / 1,80 / 2,20 m
Displacement 5000 kg
Ballast 2500 kg
Ballast ratio 50 %

Sail plan

Mainsail 41 m2
Genoa1 39 m2
Genoa2 m2
Jib 30 m2
Storm jib m2
Spinnaker 103 m2
Sail area upwind 80 m2
Sail area downwind 144 m2
P 13,8
E 5


Waarschip 40 CR

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