Warship Raku 36 Catamaran

Grainger Designs boat designs have been at the forefront of the Australian racing circuit for over thirty years. The designs have won multiple trophies in numerous racing series, including the Australian Multihull Championships.

Raku 36 Catamaran

The well-designed hull of the Raku 36 has good resistance to pitch, easy penetration of waves, low drag in various conditions and the right buoyancy to float on the intended lines. This provides a fast but also comfortable and safe boat that is difficult to beat during competitions.

Interior and decks

Like all catamarans, the Raku 36 offers plenty of space, both inside and out. This, together with the comfortable, fast sailing characteristics, makes the boat a perfect long-distance sailor.

The Raku 36 has CE A Ocean type approval.


Loa 10.60 m
Boa 6.105 m
Draft variable
Weight 2.955 T
Mast length 15.40 m

sailing plan

Mainsail 44.76 m2
Jib 18.25 m2
Code Zero 40.41 m2
Asymmetric 1 66.62 m2
Height above WL 17.00 m


– Details in design and sizing are subject to change –

Waarschip already built the Waarschip Outremer 42 & 45 and the Waarschip Tiros and the Waarschip 48 catamaran.

Warship Raku 36 Catamaran

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