Waarschip TR 36 Performance Trimaran

TR36 Performance Cruiser trimaran

If you, like Waarschip Composites, have performance at the top of your shortlist, then the TR36 high performance trimaran is exactly what you are looking for. The main hull of the trimaran has a 1 : 10,4 width to length ratio. This is wide enough to support the weight, with minimal wet surface. The hull is narrow enough to cut through the water before the trimaran starts “flying”. With 17 knots of wind, a speed of 24 knots is achievable!

Reversed bow

How deep a boat’s bow dives into the waves depends on weight and buoyancy. An overhanging bow provides extra weight and will therefore dive deeper. An inverted bow is lighter and therefore dives less deeply into the waves.


The TR36 has a classic layout and offers a complete and comfortable interior with 3 berths, a spacious kitchen and bathroom, and a movable outdoor refrigerator. Sufficient cupboard space is also provided.


L.o.a11,18 m
B.o.a.8,26 m
B main hull3,06 m
H main hull2,19 m
Main hull B : L1 : 10,4

sailing plan

Mainsail47,0 m2
Solent Jib27,0 m2
Code Zero46,0 m2
Gennaker 102.4 m2
Mast length 14.6 m
Mast position 50% LOA


The TR 36 can be supplied with diesel engine or outboard engine

The TR 36 has a rotating carbon mast that optimizes the wing shape. The details show the highest quality. The mast is suitable for a “fathead” mainsail.

Waarschip TR 36 Trimaran

– Details in design and sizing are subject to change –

Construction of the TR 36 >>

Test sail: 17 kts speed >>

Waarschip already built the Waarschip Outremer 42 & 45 and the Waarschip Tiros and the Waarschip 48 catamaran.

Waarschip TR 36 Performance Trimaran

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