Waarschip 10 LD

Waarschip 10 LD New design Waarschip 10″LD The new Waarschip 10 LD replaces the 1010 CR. The boat has a larger width of 3.36 meters,

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Working with Epoxy

All about working with epoxy In boat construction, a distinction is made between polyester resins and epoxy resins. In our epoxy guide you’ll find everything

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Antifouling is important

All about antifouling

All about antifouling How to find and apply the right antifouling for your boat Treating your hull, especially the area below the waterline with antifouling,

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Carbon rudder blade

Carbon rudder blade Waarschip Composites is a specialist in the field of ultra-light but particularly sturdy nautical parts. This rudder is a fine example.

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Waarschip 27 CR

Waarschip 27 CR The new Waarschip 27 CR has been launched. This special boat is completely custom build. The new Waarschip 27 CR fills the

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