Waarschip has delivered another beautiful Waarschip 36LD. This fast boat with its timeless sleek model, its large cockpit and the comfortable interior is a versatile sailing yacht. The boat sails in the front of the competition field and is very suitable for long sea voyages. The sustainable concept and the fact that the boat is Made-in-the-Netherlands makes the boat loved by many sailors. We wish the proud owner many beautiful sailing miles!

Versatile and stable in value
The Waarschip 36′ LD has been designed based on a number of specific requirements. The boat had to be suitable for long sea sailing competitions, sometimes with a small crew or solo. In addition, the ship had to be seaworthy and reliable, fast and durable, easy to maintain and retain its value. The Waarschip 36 is category CE A tested. Click here for the certificate.

Ballast tanks
The 36′LD is equipped with ballast tanks. The fixed keel gives the ship a normal stability so that use of the ballast tanks is not compulsory. Especially with a small crew upwind, the ballast tanks can get more out of the boat. Filling the tanks (approx. 600 L) has the same effect as 8 men on windward! Downwind, the tanks empty again, making the boat lighter and planing better. The operation of the tanks is simple.