The Netherlands is a conservative country. We don’t like to lead the way, even when it comes to sustainability.

Concrete and steel are still the most commonly built in the Netherlands. But a good house can also be made of wood and that saves a lot of CO2 emissions.

Jasmine MisslerNovember 8, 2019, 11:11

A good house is not made of wood, but of stone, as the fairy tale of the three little pigs teaches. The wolf from the fairy tale blows the wooden house over with ease. It was probably not made of cross-laminated timber, also known as cross-laminated timber (CLT): thick plywood made of cross-glued coniferous wood. The result is a panel of about sixteen by three meters. “Enough to experience large spans for floors and walls, comparable to concrete.”

In yacht building too, a shift is taking place too slowly. A good yacht is still made of aluminum, polyester or steel. Wood still has the association with rotting, while that can be prevented with modern treatment methods.

Waarschip has been building the boats sustainably for years. We are seeing sustainability getting underway, but it is going slowly.