May 29, 2019 – In 2018 you could not ignore it: that bright yellow-black eco-racer with team. They sailed where they were sailing extremely hard. A …

special competition yacht “W36”, 100% Dutch design and built in the Netherlands. The 2018 campaign focused on team performance, sustainability and innovation. Enough synergies for DGN retail to guide the “Hubo” team to the world top in 2018 as the main sponsor. This year we also have special news. The yellow-black yacht “Hubo” can be seen on Dutch waters again in 2019, again together with main sponsor DGN retail, only the team has made way for two!

Eco racer
Can’t it be better, smarter and more responsible? Most yachts are not reusable after their lifetime and the waste is left. The W36 team not only uses knowledge and the latest technology for the development of a fast racing ship, but feels responsible for doing more for the world in which we live.

Craftsmanship continues to be leading with performance, sustainability and innovation as the main components. Sustainability, Dutch craftsmanship and cooperation are synergies and it was not long before DGN retail – owner of 230 ‘Hubo’ do-it-yourself branches in the Netherlands – stepped on board as the 2018 main sponsor. And the collaboration will continue in 2019!

Wood is Cool

The “W36 Worlds Edition” is one of the few, if not the first ship that is completely reusable and carbon neutral built. The boat is made from FSC certified wood that is processed using a new process with biodegradable resin and then “baked” briefly in the oven for extra rigidity. Due to the optimum choice of wood type and its natural fiber structure, together with degradable (biological) synthetic resin, this material is lighter, stronger and more durable than regular composite or carbon materials. “A new top material for building ships that is strong, durable and reusable,” said Erik van Vuuren, initiator of the W36.

The “Wood is Cool” campaign will link to sustainability and sustainable use of wood, craftsmanship and cooperation at the “Hubo” locations in the Netherlands and during major events. According to marketing manager Miriam de Bruin: “For us, the” Wood is Cool “campaign is going back to basics, the heart of the company. Did you know that we were founded in 1933 as a small timber trade in Utrecht? In 2019 we want to challenge everyone in the Netherlands, all small and large handymen, to get started with wood. The large sailing W36 “Hubo” will of course also be regularly highlighted in our campaign and during events. “

From team to two, ready for 2019
After working hard all winter and adjusting the boat for sailing with two, the VanVuuren-Beusker duo cannot wait to start Tuesday, May 28. “In principle, as a duo you still do the same tasks as an entire team, you will only have to sail a little smarter and work even harder,” said co-skipper Yvonne Beusker.

During the North Sea Regatta the first two long-distance races between the Netherlands and England will be sailed and then a few days of medium-long races on the North Sea. According to skipper Erik van Vuuren: “The W36‘ Hubo ’seems to be ergonomically and technically perfectly transformed from a full crew to two. It is of course a huge sporting challenge to sail this ship together for two. Saturday, when we return, we know for sure whether we are on the right track with these changes. ”