The importance of post-season maintenance and finding safe winter storage

While some of us are still enjoying the last sunny days of autumn, for most boaters it is already time to think about maintenance and getting the boat ready for winter storage.

The importance of boat maintenance after the boating season

After the boating season, boats often suffer from wear and tear, salt deposits, algae and other forms of corrosion. Salt and algae can corrode paintwork, and corrosion can damage the boat’s metal parts. To ensure that your boat remains in good condition, it is wise to perform some maintenance tasks after the boating season:

  • Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of both interior and exterior. Remove salt deposits, algae and other debris to prevent long-term damage.
  • Checking electrical systems: Check that all electrical systems are working properly and, if necessary, have worn wiring or broken switches replaced.
  • Engine Maintenance: Have a thorough inspection and necessary maintenance performed on the engine to avoid problems in the next season.
  • Check the hull: Inspect the hull for any damage and have it repaired to prevent structural damage.

Why winter storage is so important

There are several options for winter storage: indoor storage, outdoor storage on shore or in the water. Indoor storage is the best form of protection for your boat, offering protection from rain, wind and frost.

  • Frost protection: frost can cause ice to form in the engine block, pipes and other vulnerable parts of your boat. This can cause serious damage and even lead to cracks and fractures.
  • Preventing moisture-related problems: if the boat is left outside in winter and exposed to moisture and precipitation for an extended period of time, mold, mildew and wood rot can develop.
  • Protection from sunlight: sunlight can corrode your boat’s paint over time. By storing your boat indoors during the winter months, you minimize exposure to harmful UV rays.
source: watersportverbond