The Waarschip W36 Worlds 2018 Edition has been built and optimized for the upcoming World Sailing Championship in Scheveningen. Sustainability and innovation are the main components for this remarkable ship.

100% Dutch design
The Netherlands is known as a water country and in innovation we are in the top ten worldwide. Waarschip and the W36 project team work together to make a difference. Craftsmanship is leading and sustainability and innovation are the main components. The result is a 100% Dutch design. A ship that is bursting with innovations from the Netherlands. Sustainability Can’t it be better, smarter and more responsible? Most yachts are not reusable after their lifetime and the waste is left. The W36 team not only uses the latest knowledge and skills to develop a fast racing ship, they feel responsible for doing more for the world we live in. The W36 Worlds 2018 Edition is one of the few, if not the first ship that is fully reusable and is built carbon neutral. The boat is made from FSC certified wood that is processed using a new process with biodegradable resin and then “baked” briefly in the oven for extra rigidity. Due to the optimum choice of wood type and its natural fiber structure, together with degradable (biological) resin, this material is lighter, stronger and more durable than regular composite or carbon materials.

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