This beautiful Waarschip 1010 had run aground “on rocks” in Sweden. The bottom was damaged in the process, but the damage was fortunately limited due to the sturdy composite construction.

Waarschip has repaired the boat with her well-known craftsmanship. The 1010 has now sailed back to the Baltic Sea after a holiday to Sweden. The owner had a fantastic trip and reached speeds of over 13 knots!

“Long Anna is doing great 👍🏻 😊
We sailed to Hamburgsund in Sweden and had a great time! Unfortunately our holiday ends this weekend.

Greetings from the Baltic Sea,

Heide and Dirk Brandt
Top speed from Læsø 🇩🇰 to Marstrand 🇸🇪 with gennaker 13.4 kn 🙈 “