Waarschip W36 Hubo: The story behind the sailing machine

Participating in the World Sailing Championships Scheveningen, how nice does that sound? But also being on stage, that was Erik van Vuuren’s ambition. Could he live up to it?

Designer Arthur Peltzer and Waarschipbouwer Roelof Niezen have been working together for much longer. As soon as Erik opts for Peltzer and Niezen in 2016, he too is quickly in the woods.
Do-it-yourself store chain Hubo will be the main sponsor and Van Vuuren will enter the sailing arena on the W36 Worlds 2018 Edition, without superstructure, without interior. This prototype is the trailblazer for the W36 Life, Waarschip’s newest cruiser / racer, with superstructure and interior.

Read the full story in the Waterkampioen (10 pages in Dutch!)