There are more than four thousand Waarschips afloat throughout the world.

This will come as no surprise when you consider how quality and reliability go without saying for Waarschip. Our instantly recognisable yachts are famous for their streamlined appearance, their warm character, the on-board comfort and of course their sustainability. Use of epoxies and epoxy coatings ensure that the wood is sealed off from light, water and oxygen to prevent rotting. This also vastly reduces the need for maintenance.

In the past Waarschepen could be ordered in different stages of the build, from a DIY self-build package to a ship ready to sail. Because of this, not all second-hand Waarschepen match the quality requirements which the shipyard demands of its newbuilds.

Waarschip builds sustainably in composite

Composite is a combination of two or more materials (consisting of reinforcement, filling and composite matrix binder) differing in form at a macro level. The combined elements retain their own identity and don’t mix fully with each other, but work together in harmony to improve the properties of the base material.

The most important advantages of wood-epoxy composites are:

  • Very high and specific strength; very high strength and low-weight. Waarschepen use Aramide and Carbon fibre. Strengthened wood-epoxy have on average 4 to 6 times higher specific tensile strength than steel or aluminium.
  • Very high degree of mould flexibility. Relatively simple to produce products of a highly complex design (doubly rounded-off)
  • High level of integration is possible; stiffeners, integration of inserts, and self-supporting constructions are relatively simple to make in one or two production cycles.
  • The material can be tailored; the material is made to measure for the stresses which the end product / end material will have to undergo, and for the performance it will have to deliver.
  • Excellent fatigue properties according to the number of cyclical stresses (many times more than with metals) and fault strength under fatigue (with aramide and carbon epoxy laminates on average more than 60% of the maximum static stress, which is many times more than what is possible with metals)
  • Excellent chemical resistance against acids, chemicals, salt water, etc.
  • Excellent weather / water resistance. The material doesn’t corrode or rust and absorbs little or no water, which ensures much lower maintenance costs in the long term.
  • Wood-epoxy composites have excellent RAM (Radar Absorbing Materials) properties. Laminates can be made to be radar and sonar transparent.
  • Excellent impact properties
  • Excellent electrical properties, both for insulation and conduction, dielectric properties, EMS shielding. The construction can be made RF-transparent or RF-reflective, as required.
  • Excellent thermic insulation properties, excellent fire-retardant and heatproof properties. For example high temperature composites.