Older Waarschepen become competitive again !

Waarschepen are built from Bruynzeel sheet materials. The great advantage of this high-quality sheet material is that it retains its strength and stiffness. This makes older Waarschepen very suitable for tuning!

Competitive again
A bit of paint is of course not enough to sail in front again. But the light stiff hull makes every Waarschip a beautiful base for a competitive racing boat. At Waarschip Boatyard we have the knowledge and experience to tune your keel, rudder and rig so that the boat can fully participate again.

If you don’t have a boat yet, we’ll find one for you.

Regatta sailing becomes affordable
Older Waarschepen are often for sale at an attractive price. The low purchase price provides a financially attractive basis, leaving you with money to invest in those things that are important on the race track. Another advantage: if the boat is soaked in epoxy, it is particularly low-maintenance. Washing and waxing is sufficient for the first 10 years.

Dutch Quarter Ton Cup (DQTC)
An example of an interesting competition class is the DQTC. It will come as no surprise to anyone that the Waarschip 725 regularly sails in front here. Imagine if your quarter-tonner is tuned with the latest technologies and knowledge!

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Tuning: Older Waarschepen become competitive again

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