Waarschip: Waarschip models

W1020 – Waarschip Tien-Twintig

Waarschip 1020                   Specificaties LOA 10,20 m LWL 9,10 m Breedte 3,40 m Diepgang 1,90 m Gewicht 4200 kg Ballast 1680 kg Balast ratio 40 % Zeilplan Grootzeil 31,80 m2 Fok 21 m2 Gennaker 72 m2 Spinnaker 67,3 m2 Masthoogte boven CWL 14,95 Aan de wind opp. 52,9 m2 Ruime wind opp. 120,2 m2 lG 12,15 m J 3,50 m P 12,15 m E 4,35 m Indeling

Waarschip 1220/43

Waarschip 1220/43 Waarschip 1220 Waarschip 1220 The ship for the real thing With its length of 12.65 m and a width of 3.60 m, the Waarschip 1220/43 is currently the largest Waarschip in the famous Waarschip series. Her modern, clean lines betray strength, seaworthiness and speed. Her beautiful, timeless appearance will appeal to many with a sense of boat design. The 1220 is ideal for making long journeys across the seas and oceans, quickly, safely and in comfort. The Waarschip 43 is category CE A tested. (certificat >>) The 1220

Waarschip 40 LD

Waarschip 40 LD Waarschip 40 LD Waarschip 40 LD Waarschip 40’LD The design of the Waarschip 40 “LD is based on a number of principles. In the first place the boat had to be suitable for long sea sailing competitions with sometimes small to very small (solo) crew. Measurement formulas do not play a significant role in this. The only real limitation is the overall length. In addition, the ship must be seaworthy and reliable. With these restrictions as a starting point, the boat must be fast, long lasting, easy

Waarschip 36 CR

Waarschip 36 CR Waarschip 40 LD Waarschip 40 LD Long distance ocean sailing Especially with regard to competition sailing with this ship, the well-known and experienced solo sea sailor Henk Jukkema had a major input in the creation of the Waarschip 36’LD. The Waarschip 36 “LD has been designed based on a number of specific requirements. The boat must be suitable for long sea sailing competitions with sometimes small to very small (solo) crew. In addition, the ship must be seaworthy and reliable. These conditions create a boat that must

Waarschip Nine-Ten

Waarschip 910 Waarschip 910 W 910 Waarschip 910 W 910 Specifications LOA 9,10 m LWL 8,20 m Beam 3,14 m Draft 1,60 m Displacement 3400 kg Ballast 1280 kg Ballast ratio 37,6 % Sail plan Mainsail 26,5 m2 Jib 18,1 m2 Gennaker 80 m2 Spinnaker 52 m2 Mast height 13,56 m Sail area upwind 44,60 m2 Sail area downwind 76,1 m2 l 11,05 m J 3,25 m P 10,9 m E 4 m Layout Make an appointment now or request a quote Nautisch Centrum Delfzijl is the official builder of

Waarschip 900+

Waarschip 900+ Waarschip 900+ W 900+ The 900 Plus is a tough and attractive boat with dimensions for longer trips with the whole family, also on large open water. The 900 Plus not only has excellent sailing qualities, but also offers a lot of space below deck and full headroom everywhere (even in the toilet room), while the construction is still relatively low. This low structure is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also practical when sailing. The mate always has a clear view. The large self-draining cockpit

Waarschip 28’LD

Waarschip 28 LD Waarschip 28 LD The Waarschip 28’LD, again a true sailor from Waarschip, is the new member of the well-known Waarschip family. The boat is a great fun, ready for the sea. A comfortable, excellent sailing and easy to operate boat that feels safe, even in the roughest weather (the family on board continues to feel happy even under more severe conditions). Real sailors The 28’LD is a boat for real sailors . Much more than a light weather yacht, much more than a comfortable harbor girder. Specifications

Waarschip Half Tonner

Waarschip halftonner Waarschip halftonner Waarschip halftonner The 870 was built between 1971 and 1977, simultaneously with the 600 and 725 (quarter ton). Relatively few have been built (just under 100). Within the Waarschip association 25 members have an 870, this is about 5% of the membership (end 2000). Like the 725, the 870 owes its nickname “Half Tonner” to the IOR competition class for which it was designed. This is by the way not the only resemblance to the 725: if you keep the sail plan of both ships next

Waarschip 740

Waarschip 740 Waarschip 740 Waarschip 740 The 740 is a good sailor and a safe, stable boat. The 740 has an excellent interior design with a lockable cabin in the front, a separate toilet, a large hanging cupboard, a large sliding galley, a large cabin table and lots of storage space. The installation of an engine is possible. There are five fixed berths. The height in the cabin is approximately 1.60 m. The 740 is a real sailing ship, safe under all circumstances. For the experienced sailor this is the

Waarschip Quarter Tonner

Waarschip quarter tonner Waarschip 725 Waarschip 725 Waarschip 725 At the end of the sixties, Willem Akkerman and Klaas Kremer of Waarschip developed the Quarter Tonner, after the 600, the 600 SV and the 710). The Quarter Tonner (also called 725) is a light rigid cabin sailboat for the Quarter Ton Cup. The beautiful lines of the ship and the good results gave many (race) sailors  the jitters. As a result, many Quarter Tonners found their way to these sailors. With the Quarter Tonner prototype, Kremer regularly occupied first place

Waarschip 660

Waarschip 660 Waarschip 660 Waarschip 660 Nice size The Waarschip 660 fills the gap between the 570 and the 730. A boat with a sophisticated cozy design, with sailing characteristics that far exceed the average and with a very engaging appearance again. Of course suitable for the self-builder. High quality of materials used and craftsmanship were other wishes, as well as an attractive price of course. With these principles in mind, we have got to work and we believe that the result generously fulfills all your wishes!   Specifications LOA

Waarschip 570

Waarschip 570 Waarschip 570 Waarschip 570 Waarschip 570 Sport or Comfort Design K.T. Kremer De moderne afgeleide van de succesvolle Waarschip 570 is het Waarschip 570 Sport, een snel, zeer handelbare boot die ook onder slechte weersomstandigheden gemakkelijk bestuurbaar blijft. Varen met het Waarschip 570 Sport is synoniem aan plezier. De Waarschip 570 zeilboot is klein, snel, handelbaar en betrouwbaar. Aan boord van de zeer stabiele waarschip 570 heeft u het rustige en veilige gevoel alsof u op een veel grotere boot bent. Het Waarschip 570 is, met haar diepgang